What Do We Seek to Achieve?

We push to use the power of our workplaces to maximise our positive impact, and have 3 central aims:

  • Directly utilise the resources, time, and power of our organisations to effectively address pressing issues such as extreme poverty – and encourage others to do the same.
  • Place a keen awareness of global development at the heart of modern business culture, and put issues of systemic inequality firmly on the radar of those who command systemic power.
  • Provide advice on how to constructively raise perceived ethical issues around how our companies operate.

We also research and share tactical best practices for the fast-growing field of workplace activism, through open-minded collaboration with those in academia, business, and charity. Many members also put their money where their mouth is, through donating a meaningful proportion of their incomes to causes identified as particularly cost-effective – often through taking the Giving What We Can 10% Pledge.

Countless working professionals already care passionately about issues such as global justice, but it can be hard to find a practical outlet for this enthusiasm. We also see huge potential to involve other professionals in our efforts. Addressing extreme poverty is important, and whether or not somebody meaningfully engages with it is typically a matter of practical priority rather than moral opinion. We seek to make it appealing and straightforward for co-workers to join our initiatives.

What is the EA in our name?

This stands for Effective Altruism – a new and fast-growing social movement, aiming to critically examine the question of how we can do the ‘most good’, and to support each other in doing it. We hold a diverse range of answers to this question, and are active in many spheres – including global poverty activism, animal welfare, and policy advocacy. Becoming involved with our network does not require any pre-existing familiarity with EA, although if you’re interested then have a quick read of four key ideas which underpin EA – you may well already agree with them.

What are our politics?

We promote no political ideology other than agreeing that progress on major issues such as extreme poverty should be absolute political priorities. Our members have a wide range of political views, and we consider constructive discussion of ideological difference to be a vital part of modern activism.

We recognise the importance of privilege in defining life chances in both developed and developing nations. Those born into situations of socioeconomic advantage have an easier path into the business community, and many of us view global justice activism as one way of using this privilege for good.

How Did We Start?

The EA Workplace Activism Network is a new project (launched Aug 2016) originating from Giving What We Can’s outreach to professionals. Giving What We Can are an Oxford-based charity, seeking to:

  • Identify the most effective charities, using cutting-edge research methods.
  • Establish an active community of givers, and make it straightforward for them to donate to highly effective causes – often through taking the 10% Pledge.